What Types of WordPress Websites Can You Create?

What Types of WordPress Websites Can You Create?

Business WebSite

Today a company’s success may depend on having a professional, responsive website (one that is viewable on mobile devices and easy to navigate).  A Business Website provides information about your goods and services,  information about who you are, your specialty, your clients and more.


Sell youre products and goods online.  Even if you have an existing website, your can add an e-commerce shopping cart.

Blog Website

A blog website gives you the ability to provide information about your area of expertise and get feedback from your readers.  A popular web design platform used to create Blogs is “WordPRess”.  WordPress has become very popular over the last five years to use for not only creating Blog websites, but Business Websites that incorporate a Blog or just a standalone Blog.

Coupon WebSite

Provides valuable discount coupons for products and services that can be used at major retail outlets and restaurants.

Niche Affiliate WebSite

Markets products for other companies on your website.  When a referral from your website results in a purchase  being made at the company’s website you represent, you are paid an affiliate commission which is usually paid on a monthly basis and if the buyer continues to use their services.

Business Directory

Lists and categorizes a business location, size, products and services.   Advertisements and affiliate banners can be placed on the website that may result in generating a  cash flow.

News/Magazine Sites

Provide information about news, politics, commentaries, historical  and current events and more.  These also have advertisements and banners that may generate a cash flow.

Non-Profit Organizations

Provides non-profit information and a way to make donations for worthy causes, i.e. disasters, emergencies, health, charity, social issues and more.

Question & Answer/Forum

Answers questions and provides information.  Questions can be general, technical, dedicated topics.  Volunteers will often answer questions/provide information based on their own area of expertise and/or experience.

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